8 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Log Splitter

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So you are planning to get yourself a log splitter right? But still somewhere you are baffled about why you should get it. Like, why you would spend your hard-earned money on something that will not be worth it. But trust me, owning a log splitter will make your job a lot easier than you think. If you still have doubt on its ability, then go through the write and let yourself know 8 of the reasons of owning one.

At First the Types:

Electric log splitter:

The electric splitter is for the peeps out there who possess a perpetual consumption of around 10 cubic meters of woods. Such kinds of equipment have been called practical as they tend to be non-polluting, energy adept and quiet.

These splitters are able to chop off log up to 16 inch in diameter. Its shaft can weigh around 10 tons. However, you can still cut through 12-inch log with a minimum of 5-ton shaft. When it comes to the power of engine, it can vary hinging on the model. However, it commonly comes ranging from 1500 watts to 3500 watts.

Gas log splitter:

These kinds of equipment is ideal for proficient or private consumer who wants to cut through logs that are more than 12 cubic meters every year. Such machine has been designed in a way so they can offer the highest productivity while giving the highest force because of their 4-stroke engine.

The thrust of these equipment initiates at about 11 ton with 9000 watts or 505HP. When it comes to the most powerful equipment, they can even reach 22 tons and chop off the logs that are about 24 inch in diameter.

Hydraulic log splitter:

You can call them one of most beneficial equipment. They have been designed in such that they will be able to function greatly with the help of the tractor’s grip force. Hence, the hydraulic log splitters are great for the people who possess a tractor.

The thrust usually kicks off at 11 ton that let them chop off the logs up to 14 inch in diameter. They are not only robust and resilient but also proficient enough to chop off logs above 12 cubic meters a year.

The Eight Excuses:

Save up time:

Splitting logs manually do not only eat your time but also ruin the mood. So, if you want to avoid spending most of your time in cutting through the woods, then you will definitely need a log splitter for yourself.

With this, you will only need to chop off the logs once for making it into a round that will fit inside the splitter. This will be way less time consuming than splitting the logs into pieces by hand.

 Chop off the amount of work:

No matter what type of splitter you use, unless it’s an axe or a maul, the modern splitters such as electric or gas powered reduce the amount of work to a great extent. Cutting through the logs with an axe needs a lot of your effort and energy.

And this will end up draining you down as fast as it can. Although if it were a matter of one log, then there were no worries. But if you find yourself around several woods, then it’s indeed high time to get yourself a log splitter.

With such splitter, you just be able to save yourself from using effort and let the machine do the job for you.

No injuries involved:

An axe or a maul comes with a higher risk of cutting your foot or causing accident if you don’t use it properly. But if you get yourself a log splitter, then it cuts down the risks to almost negligible. Although, there are still some chances of accident, yet those are way lesser than the ones with manual splitters.


As you will have more energy and time, you will also have more scopes to do more work. And with log splitter, it is not that you will be splitting logs and chopping woods. You can also use the energy by utilizing it into other tasks.

For instance, you can use it for splitting more wood in just one sitting. Hence, having a log splitter upturns your productivity in other zones for which owning one becomes a must have.


Utilizing the logs for warming you home is way better option for the environment than the others. Manual log splitters like an axe or maul does not generate any fuels or chemicals as it is not powered by fuels. So, if you use a manual log splitter, you can contribute to a healthy environment.

Although, as for eco-friendly splitters, you can also consider getting electric ones, as they do the same job by being environment friendly.

Do not make much mess:

Log splitters do not tend to make much mess and also they come up with less maintenance nature. No matter what you get, a manual or modern splitters, both will give you convenience for being a less hassle tool.

Indoor or outdoor:

The best thing about using a log splitter is that you can use it both indoor and outdoor. If you want to use it indoor then an axe, maul or an electric long splitter will make a great choice.

But if you want to use it outdoor then apart from the mentioned ones, you can also add either a gas or hydraulic machine to get the job done.

Easy to store:

Then again, each type of log splitters comes with such a nature that makes it easy to store. So, owning a reason will not only split wood but also will give you access to move it and store it wherever you want.

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