Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter Review

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It is time to talk about a machine that has not only made our lives a lot easier but also has encouraged us to participate in more adventurous activities. I am talking about a log splitter machine. The log splitters have made cutting logs and branches easier than ever.

It not only saves a lot of our time but think of the physical stress we got rid of because of this oh so productive discovery. These machines are safe, efficient and completely worth the money.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at an electric log splitter by our very own trusted and quality brand Boss International and see what this machine has to offer us.

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Feature and Capacity

The main function that describes how much efficient or powerful a log splitter is going to be is the horsepower range of that machine. It is what tell us or gives us an idea about how much force the log splitter would be able to generate and thus cut the logs smoothly.

This log splitter has 2HP or two horsepower. This means that the product will be more efficient than ever. Would be able to take down bigger branches and make them suitable for those fireplaces at home.

The splitting force of this machine is a good 7 ton which is huge. The force and power is going to be tremendous and the bigger or more rough logs that are rather hard to give shape to would be a piece of cake to this machine. So worrying about the size of the logs is no longer an issue if you own one of these log splitters.

This particular log splitter machine is a one handed operation. Although it is easier this way but having said that, we recommend or advise the consumers to be a little extra careful whenever working with this as we do not want any unfortunate events to take place.

It is always good to play safe especially when it comes to working with machines like these. So, it is advised to pay an undivided attention to the work and not get distracted in the process.

Other Features & Advantages

This particular log splitter provides you with a ram that has an automatic return option which is not only very handy but also is very safe and efficient as well. The power ramps up to a high level for superior productivity within minutes to make sure that the work gets done faster and smoother as well.

The log splitter machine has portable parts advantage as well. Which means that there will be no carrying a heavy machine to one place or another but simply just carry the parts. The portability has made the log splitter machine even more efficient and work friendly.

It is amazing how it is able to handle bigger and rougher projects but at the same time, it is so convenient and simple to operate. It can be used both inside and outside as well.

Safety and Warranty

This particular log splitter by Boss international comes with side rails. It has a log cradle AND a side rail! The side rails are there to make sure that the split logs do not fall from sideways as well.

So it has an extra space that will take care of the extra, it is not only an extra step for making sure that safety is all the way there but also has made a lot of work easier.

The side rails also makes sure that the branches stay stable and do not move an inch. And these features are built in from of the handles for easy operation. The hydraulic system is a patented technology provided only by Boss International and that’s why they have good brand value in the market.

And needless to say that of course this product has a satisfactory warranty as well. It has a complete residential warranty of two years and a manual book to help you with any kind of problems that you may face in the future.


Lastly, all we could say is, if a product meets all of your want and needs and promises to give you extra, you should definitely go for it. Boss International is a well known brand and you are not to be disappointed with their products because they will give quality service and also last for a long time. So, completely worth the money.

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