Champion 7-Ton Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter Review

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The modern era that we live in, there is hardly something that can not get done by a machine. We have discovered a solution for every single deed that we used to do with our hands but now they are totally doable by machines. If you look around you will find endless examples.

From Dishwashers and washing machines to even a virtual assistant! Technology has taken over everything. Well, almost everything anyway.

So while we are at it, why not talk about the complex things that we used to do by hands but now have the luxury to get it done by a machine as well? I am talking about a log splitter.

A machine that can cut down firewood and log, give them shapes and desired sizes so that we can place them in our fireplace and enjoy a warm, cozy evening OR make a campfire and enjoy time with friends over barbeque.

We shall now look into one of the best log splitter that has commendable features for you to be thinking about owning one instantly, because, let’s face it: we all need one at some point for one reason or the other.

Features and Capacity

This particular log splitter by renowned company Champion has a specialty that very few other log splitters have, you could say that this feature is this product’s unique selling point.

And that is this log splitter is chemical resistant. It is operable under or with normal water, or waste water or salt water and  even with mild acid and bases! That is as good as it gets. You will hardly find a humanproof13-20nt for this advantage.

It possess a hydraulic oil capacity of up to 1.3 gallon. And within a minute it can generate or produce 154 gallons as maximum volume. The ventilation system will keep the machine cool even when it is active. It will shut off on low oil function and has one single cylinder with four strokes.  Another interesting feature of this log splitter is that you can recoil start it anytime you like.


The log splitter is made of wedge material hardened steel. Meaning it is not only made of ordinary steel, but the quality of the steel is also top notch. We are aware of the fact that steel made log splitters last for a really long time.

Sometimes, you will only need to buy one in your entire lifetime. They are a bit costly so wouldn’t hurt to buy one that will last forever. So the longevity issue ends right there. It is also clear water fittings.

Then comes the most important part of a machine and that is the engine. This log splitter has a 196cc champion OHV engine. This engine not only has a name for extra and smooth performance but also has a name for its sustainability. So, from the technical sides, this log splitter is an absolute winner.

Safety & Warranty

Like every other log splitter in the market it also has a warranty but a warranty of two years. What it has extra is that this company is providing you with lifetime technical support regarding everything related to the log splitter costing you absolutely nothing, not even a cent. Not all company will provide an advantage like that.

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Then comes the safety features. This log splitter has an integrated log cradle. This log cradle makes sure that the logs do not fall off in the middle of the work.

They make sure that the branches or logs remain fit and tight on to the log cradle and as long as the operation is going on they will remain fit and would not fall no matter what happens. The engine is easily activated saving a lot of time and makes sure that the work is time and productivity efficient.

The log splitter also provides separate handles for both of your hands for multiple reasons. One, so that you don’t get bruises whilst carrying them or from moving them from one place to another and the second one is, the machine design has made sure that you use both of your hands because in order to avoid any injuries, both hands are preferred than using just one hand.

So, the log splitter and you will be completely safe and will be able to work hassle free.


  • Auto-return Control Valve
  • 2 year limited warranty with FREE lifetime technical support
  • Max Log Size – 19.3 in.
  • Max Pressure – 3000 psi
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Can easily be moved around
  • Lots of power in a small package


  • Takes quite a bit hydrolic oil to get it running smooth
  • Smaller than it looks


Lastly, all we could say is that an investment should always be something that not only give your superior service but also will last for a satisfactory amount of time. And when it comes to a machine like this, both statements are guaranteed to achieve.

So, you will not be making a mistake if you consider buying this product because it has a very good potential and all of the qualities that are required to satisfy your wants and needs.

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