How to Chop Down a Tree with an Axe

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Chopping down a tree with an axe is not rocket science but it’s not a child’s play either. On the first look, it might only seem like smacking the tree with an axe until it falls off but no, there’s definitely more to it.

Before you start with the chopping, you should pick the right gears to ensure the utmost amount of safety. Your eyes are a precious possession, so no matter how stupid you might look, wear proper safety goggles to keep your eyes safe. Also, blisters do hurt a lot, hence, wear proper gloves to ensure that your hands are safe from blisters. 

Target the Right Tree

Don’t just chop down any tree of your choice. The first step for chopping down a tree is to choose the right one. Also, make sure the tree doesn’t belong to anyone else’s property as that might lead to a legal issue.

Once you’ve figured out the legal barriers, it’s time to make the decision. Make sure the tree has enough room to fall on the ground otherwise it might fall on other trees making total mayhem around you. Try to go for a tree that has a tall straight structure with a diameter of at least 24-inches.

Choose the Right Axe

Now that you’ve figured out which tree to cut, it’s time to decide the tool that you’ll use to chop it down. Well, choosing the right axe is really crucial when it comes about chopping down the tree. A right axe will provide you with the ultimate ease of use and flexibility while making the cut.

There are varieties of axe out there and not all of them have the same usage procedure or same output. You need to figure out the right kind which suits your chopping needs. The handle and the blade of the axe play a crucial part in determining how smooth and easy the process will be.

For example, if you want to fell a large tree, it’s important that you’re able to hold the axe with both hands as that will provide you more strength and better momentum. You should hold down the axe in a horizontal position as that will help you exert a better impact on the tree.

Steps to Make the Cut

Chopping down a tree with an axe will lead you to geometry and physics to some extent. With the right technique and angle, you’ll require much less effort to get done with the job. When you’re using an axe, start with a 45 º angle towards the side you want the tree to fall.

Make sure that you sharpen the sheath properly before starting the cutting procedure. Chopping axes generally feature a broader profile and wedge-shaped edge. However, do not choose a splitting axe as that will make the overall process a lot harder for you.

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Tie a Rope Around the Tree

The first step to getting started with the procedure is to tie a rope around the tree. Choose a thick and high branch of the tree and tie on end of the rope over there. Now, tie the other end of the rope to another tree or any other strong and stable object. Make sure that you tightly tie the rope as that will determine the direction on which the tree falls.

However, the other tree that you choose should be further away from the tree that you want to cut as that will minimize the chance of the tree directly falling down on to the roped one.

Pick the Correct Side

Now comes another crucial question. Which side will you chop?

Well, to make it simple for you, you can chop it both ways. You can also choose to chop it from one side if you prefer it that way. However, you need to swing it in a horizontal motion for either of the sides and for both ways.

You do need a prior understanding of the techniques to properly chop down a tree with an axe. No matter how good the axe is but the process is wrong then you’ll end up with a messed up situation.

If you’re working from one side, then try to keep a 45-degree angle. Take your time and don’t rush. Chop in a controlled and synchronized way to ensure that you’re making a smooth and flawless cut.

If you’re chopping from both sides then you should also follow the 45-degree angle here too. Carve the sides in a v-angle and work down your way.

Pay Proper Attention

Since you’re working with a sharp tool, you should stay super attentive and focused at all times. Wear safety gears such as safety goggles and glove to stay away from mishaps and accidents. Inspect the tree after every few strikes to figure out how the chopping is going on. Notice the movements of the trees and branches as well. If there’s any sign that the tree is leaning or going towards a specific direction then it means you’re almost done with the procedure.

Clean the Mess

Our Earth is getting more polluted every second. It’s our duty to keep this Earth clean so that we can leave a better world for our future generation. Chopping down a tree will create quite a mess all around it hence you should definitely clean the place after you’re done the jobs.

Final Thoughts

With the right tools and gears, you can easily chop down a tree. Axes are a super convenient tool but you need to find the right kind of axe that will help you easily get done with the job. Take some moment to sharpen the sheath and hold onto the handle tightly to ensure that you can chop down the tree with lesser effort.

Make sure that you’re targeting the right tree to cut and make sure it will suitable for your purpose. Also, don’t just go about cutting down any tree that you want. Ensure that it doesn’t belong to someone else’s or government’s property as that might take you to legal fights.

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