How To Properly Maintain a Log Splitter

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As you have broken the bank and spent a lot of your cash on purchasing the best log splitter, would it be nice to just use and leave it after you are done? No, it would be simply doing injustice to your money as well as the machine.

Hence, it is vital to follow a maintenance schedule if you want to keep the equipment in first-rate condition. But before following the schedule, following some instructions comes first. So, let’s take a little effort and explore them for your safety:

The definite directives

Log splitter has its own reasons to offer you serious injuries, only if you fail to follow the instructions. So, to operate and maintain the splitter, keep them in mind and follow.

  • Verify that the power of the log splitter is turned off.
  • Give the equipment some time so it can cool down prior to kicking off maintenance.
  • You must disconnect and ground the spark plug wire.
  • Before you start the work, check that the pressure of the machine has been relieved completely.

Putting on Safety Attire:

Equip up yourself for the process by wearing safety attire properly. You must wear safety glasses, gloves as well as proper boots so that you can keep yourself safe during the maintenance.

Not only that, you will also be able to stay protected from all the debris, dirt and discharges of fluid that can be emitted off during the process.

Care for Engines:

Different types of log splitters come with a variety of engines so their way of maintenance will also be different.

It would be great if you go through manual instruction of your particular type and have a look at the engine maintaining tips. It will mention the whole schedule in a specific section of maintenance along with a variety of requirement of parts, fluids, oils, etc.

The maintenance of engines differs since each of them has been constructed by different companies. So the processes will also be different.

Spy on Hydraulic Fluid

Prior to starting using your machine, it is vital to check the level of hydraulic fluid which has been stored in the tank of your machine.

If you find the level of the fluid on the lower side, then do ensure that you add enough fuel so the wedge for chopping off woods acquires enough power without having the engine strained. Counting on your type and production, make sure you keep a track on the instruction manual especially when it comes to the fluid humanproof13-20nt.

Majority of the equipment generally need complete draining and substitute of fluids when you are done using it for 80 to 100 hours so that you can maintain productivity of the machine. However, it is important to check the manual for assurance.

In addition to the time of fluid humanproof13-20nt, you must also keep a track of the what kinds and companies you can use for fueling for the type you are using.

Thus, re-fueling or replacing must be done in accordance with the type that have been approved only. If you opt for using a wrong or unsuitable brand fluid, then brace yourself, because there will be a higher chance that your logger would stop giving the same performance and productivity that it used to give.


Step 1:

Disconnect the suction hose from the tank and use up all the fluids in a container separately for dumping.

Step 2:

Flush the reservoir as well as the hoses so that you can avert from damages via contaminations.

Step 3:

Re-fill the tank with the proper fluid that the brand has suggested or approved.

Note: Dumping of drained oil or fluid should be done in approved recycling center.

Watch over the hydraulic filter

You should also keep an eye on the hydraulic filter while you are on the maintaining process. Any type of dirt or debris can stock up in the filter excessively making it to slow down its productivity.

Don’t forget to check the filter humanproof13-20nt schedule as well in the manual as you have to strictly follow the details.

Clamps and Suction Hose:

Do check the clamps and return Hose every time prior to using the equipment. Although, you can occasionally check the suction hose’s connection since it usually is recommended by the company.

You must tighten up loose clamps if you want appropriate working. But if you notice any kind of damages, then opt for arranging a substitute of the part. You must take care of the clamps as they are main features of convenience for such equipment.

Maintaining it off-season

It is highly important that you check the user manual of your splitter so that you can track the instruction given for storage of the machine in off-season. You might find some variations as each brand and model work in different ways.

Generally, you must clean the machine thoroughly.

It is better to lubricate it slightly so you can prevent the parts from getting corroded.

Ensure that you store the machine in a clean and dry area. Not only that, you should also keep it away from any kind of element that can trigger combustion.

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