How to Split Firewood- Ways of Splitting Firewood

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Sometimes you may want to feel like you are earning what you are getting. Other times, you have to earn what you get. Getting chopped wood from the market is easy so is using gasoline to light up your fireplace. However, splitting the wood you are going to burn is a different kind of satisfaction.

Think of splitting the wood and of the hard work you are going to be doing. Then, think of the warm bath you will take and then the relaxation session you will have with the chopped wood burning. It is all worthwhile.

However, you need to know how to split firewood and the ways of doing it to enjoy the moment. Or else, this relaxation and satisfaction plan may backfire terribly. Apparently, splitting firewood is not as easy as chopping onions but it is similar.

You need to consider the layers and you can chop it differently based on the tool you use to do so. So, let’s get to the part where we learn how to split firewood- ways of splitting firewood.

How to Split Firewood: The Basics

Before we start talking about the various ways you can split firewood, let us first discover if you are up for the task. Holding the tool comes later, first comes the wood and the setting. Here are some things you will have to keep in check.

  • Choose your wood well

How easily you get to split your firewood depends a lot on the type of wood you get. You have options like dry, seasoned and greenwood. It is our duty to let you know that greenwood would be the hardest to split.

Furthermore, the number of rings, age, etc. Matter a bit. Once you are in this business you will know which wood feels like what when splitting.

  • Set up the chopping area

The first essential for the chopping area is a chopping block. Apparently, you can split firewood on the ground too but that is not the best idea. Firstly because the soft ground will take in too much of the impact and tire you out. You will have to put in much more effort into it.

On the other hand, a too hard ground will increase the chances of accidents. Make sure the chopping board keeps the firewood for slaughter in place. You do not want anything flying your way when you are at it.

Apart from that, keep the area free of other wood and people or anything that may get hurt. This is more of a safety precaution.

  • Know what to do

A tool won’t be enough if you do not know where to hit. Apparently, you have to target the edge of the rings on the piece of firewood. Once you hit the ring, the wood itself will split into good shape when you hit next. It just makes everything much easier.

  • Take safety precautions

Despite keeping the chopping area isolated, you may still have many things flying your way. It may be small pieces of wood or it may be the axe blade itself. That is why wear safety gears like an eye goggle.

How to Split Firewood: The Ways

There are many ways you can split firewood. You do not always have to be an expert at aiming to do this. How? You will find out right now.

  • Using an axe to split firewood

This is a great option for splitting smaller logs of firewood. Apparently, axe has a narrow blade that is more suitable for smaller logs. The method of using this tool is similar to that of a maul.

You stand as far from the center of the wood log as your fully extended hands from it will allow you to. Take half a step back to give room for bending. Then, you have to spread your legs so you can keep balance.

All you have to do is raise up the axe and hit directly on a ring or center hard. It is best if you do not use strength much but speed. That is more efficient.

  • Using a maul to split firewood

Apparently, you can let maul and axe be in the same category except for a slight difference. The process you use to use both these tools is pretty much the same. However, a maul is easier and more efficient to use because it is wider.

The wider nature lets you deal with bigger logs easily. Also, the impact is greater and more accurate. Therefore, if you want to use your strength and work on bigger logs then maul is the way you can go.

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  • Using wedges to split firewood

This is a more tactful approach where you do not have to keep using a lot of your body strength. You can, in fact, use both a metal and a plastic wedge for it. All you have to do is land the first wedge deep in the firewood to create a crack.

Then, you can just leave it there while you use another wedge to work on broadening the crack and splitting it. Moreover, you can just use a hammer to create an impact that splits the wood from where the wedge had left a crack.

  • Using a chainsaw to split firewood

Not up for putting in so much effort on wood? Do you have backache or any other ache originating from it? Feel free to use a chainsaw.

All you have to do is know how to use a chainsaw, hold it correctly, an use it right at the right places. But, a chainsaw will be a more expensive option. You have to check its state before using it as well.

  • Using a mechanical wood splitter to split firewood

Now, this is a whole machine dedicated to splitting firewood. So, you will enjoy both accuracy, quality, and convenience using a wood splitter. But, it will cost you more and give you less control over the split.

In conclusion

There are many ways of splitting firewood and none of them can be an overall best. It depends on the type of wood you have, your fitness and also your surrounding. So, how to split firewood and the best way to do it depends solely on how you want to do it.

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