Is This The Most Powerful Log Splitter in The Market?

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If you are looking for a compact yet powerful Gas Log Splitter, the Champion 7 Ton Horizontal Gas Log Splitter will be the best for you.

Previously log splitting was quite a tough job because it involves the usage of large machinery which were difficult to transport. This modern portable log splitter is rather a quick and dependable solution.

It is made with a low-profile design which makes it easy to load large logs on the splitting beam & the advanced log cradle system ensures that the log is positioned safely.

Though it is small machinery it can carry logs of length nineteen inches and weighing almost fifteen pounds. This 7 tons of splitting capacity provides the power which is needed to split such large logs with hand.

What are the features of this gas powered log splitter?

Well, as you know the Champion 7-Ton (Compact) Horizontal Gas Log Splitter is a portable compact log splitter which can split large logs easily.

A Champion single-cylinder 80cc with OHV engine is used to start the power. The engine features cast iron sleeve along with a fuel tank of 0.4 gallon, 0.4 oil capacities and also a low oil shutoff which ensures safety.

But how is such a small log splitter able to lift such large 15-ton logs and split them? Well, it has a hydraulic system with 1.3 gallon capacity of oil & further, it operates with 3 gpm to handle those tough logs.

The idea of this machine is to provide maximum efficiency even though it’s small in size, so it is designed with a skewed wedge so to increase the efficiency of splitting.

Speaking about the chief features of this product, the Champion 7 Ton Horizontal Gas Log Splitter has the following key features:

  • Maximum Log size is 19.3 inches.
  • Hydraulic Cylinder with 3 inches diameter.
  • Cycle Time twenty seconds.
  • Maximum Pressures 3K psi.
  • 2 stage Pump system
  • Auto return Control Value
  • ten inches non-flat wheels
  • integrated advanced Log cradle

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What are the chief benefits of the Champion 7 Ton Gas Log Splitter?

There are numerous benefits of buying this Log Splitter.

  • The machine is highly durable. It is designed in an integrated way to provide power even for lifting and splitting tough logs. All other equipment along with the main product is Champion certified so they are highly reliable.
  • Unlike huge traditional gas splitter, this gas splitter is highly portable. It comes with a convenient handle by its side and has non-flat tires which make it easy to move it to any place you like. You can shift is from one job location to the other without any effort.
  • It is designed in a low profile manner so it can fit in every vehicle bed. This low-profile design allows lifting large beams and positions them safely.
  • The product is chemical resistant so you can use with salt water, normal water and mild acids.
  • The wedge material is made up of hardened steel which is a plus point.
  • The product comes with a 2-year warranty along with FREE technical support for a Lifetime. So in case you are unable to assemble or there is some difficulty in the model you will get a free technical service for 2 years.

What are the cons of the product?

Well, there are not many cons reported yet as the product is running quite good in the market. Customers from around the world are highly satisfied with this portable log splitter. The only few problems noticed are:

  • The bolts of the hydraulic controller and hoses are a little difficult to remove.
  • Though it’s a portable machine, it’s quite heavy to lift.
  • Assembling the pieces can be a bit difficult.


Q: Is the model chemical resistant?

Ans: Yes it is! It can be used with salt water and mild acids or bases.

Q: Does it work both horizontally and vertically?

Ans: No! It only works horizontally.

Q: How much time required for assembling?

Ans: It will take almost 30 minutes of time to assemble the product.


So as you can see the products work efficiently and there is not much difficult or drawbacks of this product. If you want a reliable branded log splitter definitely go for this. To check customer reviews and pictures of the product you can check Amazon. in. Most of them have given five stars for the efficiency of the product and the durability of the brand. Go for it, you won’t be disappointed.

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