Powerhouse XM-380 Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter Review

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Winter is almost here, which only means late-night campfire and barbeque or even just chilling in front of a cozy warm fireplace with a book.

And speaking of the fireplace, we are here to remind you that you no longer have to go through a huge amount of trouble to make your own fireplace by cutting all those heavy logs and branches all by yourself and with your hands using heavy axes and what not. Because we now have machines that can do all of that work in a better way and in a lesser time.

Saving us a lot of pain, stress and of course, time. Here we will review a log splitter that is going to be your perfect electric log splitter machine and it is by Powerhouse.


Structure and Power Limits

Horsepower is one of the most crucial features of the best wood splitter machines as it is what decides how powerful the machine would be or how much force would it produce.

Powerhouse’s log splitter machine has a 2 horsepower function which is enough efficient and forceful to cut down big logs and branches as well. It has a twenty-five hundred-watt system and 7-ton power. Which means, the machine is very strong and hefty in terms of activity. Enough to cut down branches and give them the proper size and shape and place those timbers into your perfect fireplace.

Type and Feature

This log splitter machine is hydraulic in nature. Which means it will not take up much space in your home. Because it will not be a huge sized machine that would look extremely awkward if you put it somewhere at your resident and would just take half of the space of your storeroom.

These machines are smaller in size, but bigger when it comes to productivity. They are also very budget-friendly. There is only one thing that is needed to take into account that these machines require manpower when functioning.


This particular log splitter machine has a cutting capability from twenty to twenty inches in length and twelve inches in diameter. Pretty reasonable for a machine not that big in size. The ram distributor coverage is 15.7 inches and the machine weighs about 104lbs.

Compared to other log splitters that are designed to do a decent cutting wood function, this particular machine weighs much, much less. Which gives you more freedom to transport it to whenever you need it to be and that too, hassle-free. This machine can split a hundred or even more logs within an hour and your back and head wouldn’t hurt. The ton capacity is a patented technology as well.

Safety Measures

Being a powerful machine as it is, it is also a very safe one. The machine is designed in a way that it should highly eliminate any chances of injuries during work. Anyone, even a rookie, would be able to operate it on their own. Another one of its safety features is that it has a two handle simultaneous operation that will require both of your hands to operate.

It is designed this way because more often than not people have had injuries when they were working with one hand only. So, in this way, unexpected accidents do not stand a chance.

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What is the voltage?

It is 110

What is the maximum log length it can split?

20 inch

How much does it weigh?

92 Pounds

Does this machine have a two-speed operation?

No there is only one speed.


If you are looking for a log splitter, that will be budget-friendly to you, wouldn’t take much space and would be great for household use, wouldn’t affect you physically and wouldn’t take much space in your house and last but not the least will be a safe machine, then this model by Powerhouse is your safest bet.

There are a lot of options in the market, but you have chosen for yourself whether these options are genuine and are promising you everything under your budget. So, choose wisely and happy shopping!

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