Sun Joe LJ10M Logger Joe 10 Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter Review

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When we have a lot of options in our hands, it gets rather tough to decide what you really want. Especially when we have all the flashy things that are right in front of our eyes, we often tend to see through the important stuff. This can happen for any product when you are going shopping, really.

So imagine how hard it can get if that product involves technical features. We are talking about log splitter machines here. We may not always use them, but it is essential that we own at least one of them stored in the corner of our house, because believe it or not, they come in handy for all the right reasons.

Not only to be splitting logs, making fireplaces but also for professional woodcutting as well. Let’s take a look at Sun Joe’s log splitter in a brief but informative manner.



This machine is capable of cutting logs or fire woods up to eighteen inches long and eight inches wide. The measurement can be a bit more than the mentioned one as well. So you can guess that the machine is able to give shape and size to all those big timbers very efficiently.

So, be it for the purpose of making a fireplace or not, you have got yourself covered if you have this machine to split them in. The machine is made of pure steel which means that they would be very long-lasting and wouldn’t die on you anytime soon.

It also comes with wheels which is a life-saving feature because you would have to move your log splitter machine from one place and another and it would literally drain all of your energy if you were to move it with your hands and take it all the way there. The wheels however are convenient making the machine transportable and handy.


The log splitter machine is hydraulic in nature. Meaning it will not take too much space in your house. Hydraulic log splitters are known for their efficiency and small sizes. So do not get fooled by the looks of it because they are as powerful as their small-sized looks.

Even these machines are designed for a home friendly environment so that it can fit anywhere in the room and easily transportable to anywhere you would like to place it.

The hydraulic based log splitters are designed keeping in mind that it would be powerful in nature and smaller in size. It does not require any kind of oil or gas or even cords as it is a fully hydraulic functioned log splitter.

Safety Features and Sustainability

First off, the body is made out of steel so the product is going to be very long-lasting and will not cause any damage to the functioning parts. Sometimes, if the body is made out of plastic, the product does not last long, and midway gets stopped as well.

Moreover, various parts fail to be working in the long run as well. So, the whole steel body is a huge advantage. Then comes the safety measures. In order for the logs or firewood to be kept in one place, this machine offers a separate cradle. This cradle holds and makes the logs fit their places till the whole work is done.

As a result, the logs are safety cut and refrain from falling off as well. Many accidents have taken place due to lacking this particular feature that is why this company has made sure that those incidents can be avoided.

Moreover, the product has a two-year warranty. So if anything unfortunate does happen to your machine, the company will take full responsibility and will assist you with anything that you may need as long as the warranty period lasts. It has a very easy and accurate manual too, with the help of it, anyone could operate the log splitter even if they had not done it before.


Do you have to be strong to operate it?

No, Not really.

Can it split cherry wood?

Yes, hardwood is not a problem.

Is the hydraulic filled at purchase?

Yes, it will have a bit of oil to get you started.

How does this do with wet wood?

Just fine as long as the log is the right size.


No matter how much you research and take reviews it is advised to go to the market and observe the product by yourself and then decide which one would you like to go with. These reviews are to help you with what you should be looking for and also to match your requirements.

There are many choices in the market but it is our aim to help you decide to choose the very best out of those options that will not only meet your want and needs but also will sustain and make your money worth it. So, as long as this review has served its purpose we would recommend you to look over this particular product as this is one of the best log splitter machines out there with quality features, sustainability, productivity, and of course, safety.

And for a log splitter machine, these qualities or features are more than enough to make you consider the matter and actually own one without delay.

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