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Do you reside in Savannah, Georgia? When you look around your house, do you envy the well-kept lawns and gardens of your neighbors? Do you get back home and try your best to give your lawn or garden a similar look?

Well, chances are your neighbors in Georgia have used our help, to make their trees look so good. After all, a consistent look around a neighborhood can be done by only one company operating relentlessly. We are the tree service Savannah and it is we behind the kempt gardens of your neighbors.

Want to make others around the neighborhood feel the same about your trees? Then, you too can check out the numerous types of services we provide to solve any kind of tree-troubles you have. Apparently, we can leave your trees looking healthy and manicured while you feel the same looking at them.

Operating for over twenty years as the Savannah tree service provider, we aim to make the trees around us look as beautiful as they are to us, humans. Trees have been taking care of us from the beginning of existence and it is we as a company aiming to take care of trees. Furthermore, it is a time of crisis for them with global warming going around and we need to save them in every way possible.

Our Services

It’s not only tree removal services that we provide but much more. Here is a list of services we provide.

Tree Trimming

Already have healthy trees and want them to look as neat as they feel? We have the perfect people and the right equipment for trimming your trees in the best way possible.

In fact, we can trim your trees in such a way that they grow better.

Furthermore, you will even be able to find a routine on when to trim your trees. Starting from crown cleaning, thinning, reducing, raising, etc. We do everything you need us to do.

And, everything is done in the best interest of your tree, of course. You also get to consult with our experts and see how they want to trim your tree. Our experts will definitely take your concerns into consideration when taking any action.

Therefore, with our tree trimming service, you get to keep your trees looking neat just the way you like it. People will pass your house by and go home to work on their own trees.

Tree Removal

Your tree may have grown up with a structure that is hazardous to others. You definitely do not want its branches falling on people or anything. Furthermore, the tree may be at an angle that poses the risk of falling.

Or, it may have gotten old and is only an obstacle. The case is even more serious if it has caught a contagious disease that other trees could catch. Whatever the reason, if you want to remove it- we are at your service.

Apparently, we have the skilled manpower to do the job.

You do not have to worry about falling humans and other accidents when we take over the tree removal service in Savannah. The instances where someone cuts the branch he is standing on and falls only happens elsewhere, not with our professionals.

Furthermore, we use seasoned, sharped, modern equipment to do the job so your lawn won’t even look like a wreck after the process is complete.


Stump Grinding

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When we said your lawn will not look like a wreck when we remove a tree, we meant it. Apparently, tree stumps can not only be ugly but they can be very dangerous as well. The roots of trees are quite strong- they can outlast a hurricane.

So, a car or human is pretty much nothing to a tree stump. That is why we remove it in the best possible way. We have the most powerful tools for grinding stumps.

Grinding is the most effective way to remove stumps because it does not leave any clue that there was a tree stump ever. It not only does away with the stump but the protruding roots as well. Therefore, we are the best choice when it comes to tree and stump removal.

Furthermore, our professionals know well how to use grinding tools efficiently. We will take care of your stumps causing you minimum worries.

Tree Care Maintenance

Different species of trees require different kinds of care. You can look at it as the diet of animals- there are carnivores, herbivores, and so many more. In a similar way, different species of trees may require different nutrients and minerals for the ground.

While there are a few basics that you would know about, there are more specific conditions that you may not know about. This is where our experts with certificates come in. They know the trees, they know what the trees need, and they know how to provide it.

Starting from choosing the right soil to providing the right fertilizer, our professionals know fully well how to take care of any tree. Furthermore, they know how to make a routine to take full care of the tree.

Just like when you do not know how to take care of your child at times- you can feel the same way about your trees. Just contact with us and we will provide expert advice and our service if you want.

Emergency Tree Services in Savannah GA

The world has its good and bad sides and it is at a balance. So are trees. Apparently, trees offer us both protection and danger. Just the way it can protect everything against a storm, it can cause serious damage when it falls as well. Moreover, trees are heavy, even branches are heavier than they look. So, you cannot really remove a big branch let alone an entire tree when it is necessary.

One day you can wake up in the morning and find a huge tree blocking your way out. Or, the posture of a tree may indicate that it may fall at any time. In such cases, it is best to take care of the danger. You need the right people, and the right things to take care of it. And, that is exactly what we provide, that too, at the right time. Call us whenever you see such a tree emergency and we will just be there, in the shortest possible time.

Providing us with the description can help us arrive with the right tools. Also, our experts are well aware of the dangers and the best ways to do away with them. So, you do not have to worry about anything except calling us in time when there is a tree emergency.

Tree Service Savannah: Our Core Values

What sets companies apart from one another when the tasks are similar is their core values. We have core values that set our service apart because our values influence our tasks.

Work Ethics:

We believe giving more back for what we get. Trees give us everything we need for a living so we give back by taking care of it. You give us your trust, we give back by keeping it.

Highest Standards

When we take care of something, we focus on it fully. We have set our standards at a level where our professionals, tools, and processes are all required to be at their bests. As a result, we take care of the smallest to biggest issue perfectly.

Professional Team

ISA does not certify just one but many professionals from our company. As a result, when we deal with something, our professional team gives expert advice and we deal with the issue within every possible way.

licensed, Insured & Certified

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About Us

Who are we? In fact, we are a service company providing you with services related to trees. We call ourselves the Savannah Tree Service Company and the name contains pretty much everything about us.

The founder Steve Smith founded the company twenty years ago. Now, who is he? The best man for the business- a certified arborist by the International Society of Arboriculture itself. And, so are our other employees in the company.

Not only is the man certified, but our company itself is also a fully licensed, bonded and insured company. So, you know you are putting your trees in good hands.

Furthermore, it is family-owned, so despite being professional, we have a kind of brotherly feelings going around which makes the company even better-humane. Well, as we protect your greens, it is obvious we are humane.

So, if you are in need of any kind of tree service in Savannah Georgia, whether commercial or residential- we are an investment you won’t regret.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How should you select a tree company?

Answer: Since tree companies have to use sharp and complex tools- it is best if you look for one with a license. Also, the ones working in it should have ISA certificates. Other than that, tools and reviews from other customers are a great way to judge the company’s performance.


How can Pruning Help?

Answer: Branches and cells of a tree die and get damaged. Pruning a tree will prevent these dead branches and cells from stopping the growth of a tree. It will let more sunlight and air pass inside the tree. Furthermore, trees will be safer from insects and other infestations.


How to know if a tree will fall?

Answer: There are some obvious physical conditions that show the signs of a falling tree. Firstly, if it is leaning or at an angle that looks like it will fall- it may fall. Then, you can check if the tree weighs more on the side it is tilted on. Other than that, if there are holes in the trunk, a tree may fall.


What do you need for removing a tree?

Answer: There are a number of cutting tools that you require for removing a tree. It may range from axes to chainsaws and more complex machines. Other than that, there are separate tools for dealing with the stump as well.The ones in charge need safety gears, and ropes as well. And, a lot of expertise.


Is it safe to cut a tree that is close to my house?

Answer: Only if you take the necessary precautions. You have to make sure that the tree will not fall on your house. Even if it does- make sure it causes the least damage by cutting down the heavy branches on the top beforehand.


What services can you get from us?

Answer: All kinds of service related to trees- pruning, trimming, removing, caring, consulting, etc.


Who is a certified ISA arborist?

Answer: ISA stands for International Society of Arboriculture. A person who gets an ISA certificate is well trained with classes and field experience in arboriculture. And, he is well capable of dealing with risky tree situations with safety.


Why do you need to hire to take care of your trees?

Answer: There are a few reasons you can hire for. One is you may not have full knowledge about the species. Another reason is you may not have the proper tools. Lastly, you may not have the skills.

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