WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter Review

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A log splitter is a must-have machine if you are willing to set your fireplace with the perfect set of timbers without causing any backache or any trouble. If you are looking for a log splitter machine that will be budget-friendly and also will serve its purpose in a great direction, then WEN’s log splitter should be one of your best options.



This particular machine has a horsepower of 2 which is more than enough to cut the daily basis logs to set a functioning fireplace or equivalent settings out of the cut spitted woods.

The body is made of copper and the machine uses completely household current to generate energy which is very much feasible. This is a machine that will have no problems regarding cold starts, will not have any lacking of gas and moreover, this machine will make much less noise than the usual ones. All you need it to plug it and you are all set.

Safety Features

This particular log splitter takes safety measures very seriously. It has a feature that will require both of your hands so that no accidents can take place because sometimes you lose control over the machine if you are operating it single-handedly.

That is why it makes sure that the hands don’t go anywhere near the ram. The electric power system is absolutely fume free and it can be used both outdoor or indoor.

Built in cradle

The log splitter has a built-in cradle. Sometimes what happens is, when you are cutting your log or woods, whilst it is in action the logs could fall out of the place it was kept in. This may lead to serious of accidents.

That is why it is very important to make sure that once the log is set into the place, it will remain fit and would not fall off, before or after the machine is active,

This particular wood splitter machine has taken into account of this crucial issue, and has designed an in built cradle feature, that will hold the log and keep it tight and fit until the time it has stopped cutting them down. The logs will stay in their place thus the timbers would be at a good shape as there was no chance for them to move during the operation.

On top of that, this machine is capable of holding and splitting logs from ten to twenty diameter in length. So needless to say that this machine is quite handy and strong as well.

Extra Features

Along with everything that has been mentioned, the features do not end here. There are more. One of its most unique advantages is that it is portable, yes, but as well as being portable it comes with grip handles for your hands that are very comfortable and are designed in a way so that your hands do not get hurt when you will carry the machine.

It also has tires of about six inches which is why it is super easy to transport to places. The hydraulic pressure is about three thousand PSI.

Warranty Features

Log splitters machine a little bit heavy on the pocket. That is a given. But what’s good news here is that they are super durable and comes with a very good warranty system as well.

For example, WEN’s log splitter machine is certified by CSA. So there is absolutely no question regarding the quality and efficiency of this particular product. It not only is assuring you to be of a great service for a great span of time but on top of that, it comes with a solid two years warranty.

Anything happens to your product within this time span, the company will take responsibility to help you with whatever you need. And speaking of whatever you need, there is also a user guideline book and troubleshooting steps given inside the package. This manual will help you step by step all along the way of your usage.


All in all, this particular log splitter by WEN is a complete package that meets basically all of your requirements for a home and budget-friendly log splitter.

Where you will have the luxury to operate it in whichever way you like, be it small or big woods, it is user friendly, safe and comes with warranty and give assurance of long and quality service. So, needless to say, this product is worth spending money on.

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