10 Reasons Why You Should Keep an Axe While Camping

10 Reasons Why You Should Keep an Axe While Camping

The axe is a tool that has been around for a long time. The first ever documented use of it was 1.5 million years ago when it was still a hand axe. The modern day axe that we came to know is used for a variety of ways and has been a day to day companion because of how durable and convenient it is.

Having said that, an axe would definitely come in handy in the outdoors. So here are 10 reasons why you should keep an axe while camping.

It’s important to take note that there are multiple types of axes, so while a certain type would cover a variety of uses there are also specialty axes that would be more useful on certain tasks than another. Here are general uses of different types of axes you may need to know when you go to the great outdoors.

1. Wood-cutting

We start with the most obvious most prevalent usage of the axe. It’s the ultimate tool for wood-cutting. Whether you’re going to use it for firewood to keep you warm especially at night or protect you from the elements of the outdoors, it would definitely come in handy. Plus you get to have firewood for cooking your meals, there’s nothing more relaxing than eating that warm soup under a clear starry sky.

2. Building shelter

Whether to augment your tent or to build a temporary shelter from where you are camping at, it’s the perfect versatile tool to use. You can use it as a hammer, you can use it for cutting, what is there not to like about an axe? It’s also a construction tool for the carpenter in you!

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3. Protection

Anyone who’s watched historical and medieval shows knows how valuable a weapon the axe is. Think of Thor’s Stormbreaker, cool right? You bet, the axe has been used as a combat weapon probably since it was conceptualized, both for offense and defense. It’s easy to wield, durable enough that the handle can be used to fend off an offensive attack and can be thrown for mid to long range combats.

Whether it’s defense against wild animals or *knock on wood people, it’ll come in handy during several types of emergencies. The widespread use of the axe in ancient civilization from the Americas to Europe proves just how handy it is, maybe that’s the reason why it still exists until today.

4. Hunting

Having established it as a weapon it’s definitely something you can use to hunt your next meal. Hunting and tracking your prey may give that extra excitement in your days out camping. After all, it’s a more satisfying grub when you worked really hard for it. Of course, you should be really trained for it.

5. Harvesting timber

Are you in it for the long haul? Planning to build a cabin of some sorts? An axe will help you harvest timber and much more. Whether you just want to build tables or chairs or anything that may make your life easier while staying out in the forest or the mountains, it’s just the tool for you or a tool you can use in conjunction with your power tools, if you have any available with you.

But if you’re into doing anything manually, then there’s nothing more manly than an AXE!

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6. As a pickaxe

This might not be its primary function but one specialty axe is a pickaxe. With a blade on one side and a pick on the other, this type of axe is useful for hard obstacles like rocks, stones, clays or even concrete.

7. For climbing

Planning to go on a little mountain climbing? Well look no further, don’t forget to bring your axe. Whether it’s in normal mountain terrain or in icy parts, you can’t do no wrong with an axe. It can help you latch on to the mountain sides and even to enlarge steps that will be used for your climbing adventure.

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8. Digging

When you’re trying to build a shelter, you dig. When you’re trying to plant something, you dig. A lot of activities involves digging when you’re in the outdoors, may it be for food or for shelter if you forgot to bring other tools, there’s no need to fret as your axe can handle it all.

9. Brush clearance

Sometimes when we set up camp, our desired area isn’t as ready for our little settlement when we get there. We need to do the necessary clean up and clearing needed to make it as welcoming as possible for our temporary “home”, after all, we’re out camping for rest and relaxation. As a versatile and effective tool, an axe would definitely come in handy in these situations as it’s easy enough to handle and at the same time, it can cut to almost anything.

10. For fire protection

As we need fire when outdoors we also need to protect ourselves from it. Sometimes accidents happen, may it be from our firewood or a tent catching on fire by accident because of a lamp, you can never be too careful or too sure these mishaps won’t happen to you. This is sort of a culmination of all the functions we mentioned for an axe, with its many applications you can perform various of maneuvers to put out the fire.

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If there’s anything that this article has proven is that an axe may be one of the most underrated tool in your shed. It’s unglamorous, it’s simple and straightforward yet if you master it, you can do almost anything with it. It comes in different sizes giving it more versatility, from a hatchet to a dual-wield battle axe it sure is something you would want by your side in times of need.

So the next time you plan that camping trip, make sure to pack your axe and have that peace of mind, that no matter what comes your way, you’ll be able to handle it.

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